14 April 2011

Teeny Tiny

Lately when I drive into San Marcos for school, there are "Pre-Leasing" signs plastered all over the apartment complexes. At first, I tried to play it cool and not look at places to live, considering I'm not moving until July or August. But then those signs seem to have multiplied over night, so I gave in and toured a few places to live. The apartments in San Marcos are more suited for students, rather than suited for young professionals like they are in Austin, so they are much smaller. My current apartment is 590 sq. feet, which I feel is an excellent size for a single bedroom place. The apartment I have pre-leased is 500 sq. feet and feels teeny. But people. I quickly changed my mind when I saw this video on Thought Catalog.

90. Square. Feet.
Well I'll be.

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