26 May 2011

Field Trip: Hamilton Pool

 There are some things you have to do to say that you have lived in Austin, I believe. One of them is paying a visit to Hamilton Pool. It is right outside of Austin, and totally worth the drive. According to the informative brochure that the park ranger gives you, the pool was formed by a collapsed grotto and canyon and thousands of years of erosion. Cultural remains date back to 8,000 years. So neat! Boyfriend enjoyed some swimming and jumping off of things, but I enjoyed just looking at things. 

Hamilton Pool is located on the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve and is home to the endangered golden-cheeked warbler. While I did not see one of those guys, I did see a cardinal close up. He was pretty. I also met some friendly fish, who came surprisingly close. The pamphlet says there are porcupines and beavers, so I got all excited to see some, but then didn't see any or any signs of them. That might be because I don't know the signs of beavers or porcupines, but one can hope that this would come naturally if the opportunity to see said signs presented itself. Intuition or something?

There was also some excellent people watching at the pool. It must be a local hotspot for college-aged kids, because there were a lot of them. There were also several people who just came to see the pool, not really to get into it. Mostly tourists with point and shoot cameras, fanny packs, and long pants on.

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