30 May 2011

A Little Type A


I have a little bit of the "Type A" personality in me, so I like to plan things and make lists. 

The new apartment is 90 square feet smaller than the current one, so I'm having to dig deep for the arranging of the furniture. The living space is not quite as vast as my current one, so I think some things are going to have to go. My desk and work table won't fit anywhere, so I'll probably tuck the work table under my bed. The legs screw on/off, so that won't be very hard.

Since Boyfriend is moving, he was thinking about leaving his nice (but gigantic) couch here, so I could have it. Now that I have laid everything out, couch would totally dominate my living room. That's good news for love seat! Love seat was going to have to reside somewhere else, if couch came to live with me.

My bedroom setup will definitely fit in the bedroom, so there's nothing to figure out there. Yay! The bathroom should be interesting, because the only storage is the little cabinet behind the mirror. I can store all of the extra soap and cleaning supplies in the kitchen, but the towels. Where will they live?!

1 comment:

  1. They have some relatively inexpensive shelves you can buy at Ikea (if the apartment will let you screw things into the walls).