04 May 2011

Movin' On Up

Portrait of Violette Heymann by Redon; a favorite
This next year is going to be busy.
This summer I will be helping with Sister friend's wedding festivities and taking four summer courses.


Color Theory
Advanced Traditional Photography
Drawing I
Digital Studio I

It's like an entire semester in two months!
That seems like a lot, but it's nothing I can't handle.
There is a break in the middle of the two summer semesters, so I'm going out to Arizona.
One of Boyfriend's family friends is getting married, and there will be dancing at the reception.
I. am. there.

In August, I'm moving again.
Yep, that's going to be really fun.
Moving in Texas.
In August.

In the fall, I'm taking a gigantic chomp out of my class line-up.


Advanced Digital Photography
Ethics and Societies
Watercolor I
Studio Photography and Digital Imaging
Issues in Contemporary Art

So basically, I will be at school or doing school work all of the time.
That is fine with me, because it will keep my mind off of the fact that Boyfriend will be 13 or 14 hours away.
This will also put me on track to graduate when I want to.
Sister friend's wedding is in September, and I have a wedding to shoot in October, so those will be good breaks when they come around.

Let's go!

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