02 May 2011

On the Weekend

Go hard or go home?
I hate that saying, but when you have things to do, I guess you should just suck it up and do them.
(But I would rather go home)
This weekend was busy.
Busy I tell thee!
It began on Thursday with a final critique in drawing. In the picture above, we were going over our self portraits. They were great! One of them really looked photo-realistic, which was the point of the project. My favorite one is the guy's on the far left. I've been creeping on his artwork all semester. He always uses thick, dark lines and has a beautiful, sweeping stroke. Everyone in class let out a pitiful sigh when he put his self portrait up.

After the critique, I headed back to my crafting lair (apartment) and got to sewing.
(They call me Kitty.)
On Friday, I did a lot of sitting on babies. In the morning, I did my usual babysitting of an 8-month-old. Her mom made me a fresh spring roll! Delicious. After my duties were done there, I went to the Dougherty Arts Center to pick up my photo that was in the ACC Student Art Show. For some reason, whenever I would see the people who were in charge of that show, they would be eating. At strange hours of the day, too. Maybe they were living an artist's lifestyle? Who knows. I'm an art student, but I still enjoy a good bed time...

Anyway, after that I went to my next babysitting job. Sister friend used to be a nanny, and now that she doesn't live in Austin anymore, I have been given the children to babysit. This weekend both of their parents were out of town on business, so I had them for the Friday night/ Saturday shift. That is a long time to be in charge of two people (one of them has the emotions of a bi-polar infant). I usually just ignore the mood swings.
 Their Mom just adopted some cats for her house, so I had a grand ol' time playing with them. Stella (pictured above), took quite a liking to me. She wanted to sleep with me, but the girl who had the Thursday night shift said that she woke up to kitty claws in her feet several times. I don't want claws in my feet, or my anything for that matter.
 This is the Mom's cool bathroom. That wallpaper is at Anthropologie right now! Really the whole house is cool.
 On Saturday, I got to be a soccer nanny and drive the kids to a mid-morning soccer match. The team little boy I was watching was on won! And he only got hit in the stomach with the ball once! The little girl I was watching sat in my truck with me taking pictures of herself with her iphone the entire time. Why do 11 year olds need cell phones? But an iphone?
 That afternoon the kids managed to entertain themselves, so I took to tagging my things for the craft fair I was going to on Sunday. The kitties joined me, and I was quite amused with that. One even sat in my lap for a while!
 Sunday was my big debut on the Austin craft scene. I think I did okay for a first-timer. This one was way better than the last one I did. I sold 3 key fobs and a bib & burpie set, instead of just one key fob. Little steps, little tiny steps. Below is my little booth. I got there later than everyone else, because I didn't have a lot of things to set up. Even though we had assigned tables, with our names on them, I got there and had no table and someone in my spot. Luckily, I didn't have a ton of things, so everything fit on two smaller tables and there was an open bookcase. After that I had a pretty good time! My Austin fan club (Boyfriend and Jamie) came out to support me and bring food contributions, and I really, really appreciate them.
Now what to do with all of this stuff?


  1. You can always hang onto your goodies and use tem at the next Austin Flea! There isn't a set date yet but I had a good time at the last one.

  2. The Austin Flea sounds fun. I'm ready to come see your wares at Renegade!!

  3. Oh Renegade... I am so not prepared! Parts and Labour is getting a delivery of 200 collars tomorrow to "test" in their store.

  4. 200?! That is a big tester...

  5. Psst... Flea applications are up.

    Booths fees aren't listed on their site, but I'm pretty sure it was around $45.

    Email me if you like. lizziebees@hotmail.com