22 June 2011

Confession #35

Folks, I am a pretty happy person.

However, when that alarm clock goes off in the morning, I am a completely different person. The world is a cold, dark place that I do not want to enter. Kind of like Mordor from Lord of the Rings. Not really a place that anyone wants to spend a day in. And nothing sounds good when I try to will myself out of bed. My family probably has all sorts of stories about things I've said to them when they try to wake me up.

Normal Self: You get to go learn things at school today!
Grumblecakes Self: School is boring and you aren't very good at it.
Normal Self: Look at the beautiful day that you have been blessed with!
Grumblecakes Self: It's too bright outside.
Normal Self: You get to see your fun school friends who make you laugh!
Grumblecakes Self: I would rather spend the day with Boyfriend or Emily and that isn't going to happen.
Normal Self: That alarm clock is just going to go off again and it's kind the worst noise ever, let's get up!
Grumblecakes Self: No! Let's turn it off altogether!
Normal Self: There are birds chirping outside!
Grumblecakes Self: Where is my shotgun?

Most of the time, a few minutes after my alarm clock goes off and this script has played, I try to turn my thoughts off and get out of my bed. "You can do this!" I cheer. Magically, when I get into my car and drive to school I am my normal self and ready to be nice to people. Thank God for this, because I would be a terrible person if those alarm clock induced thoughts stayed in my mind all day.

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