28 June 2011

Connecting Dots

I notice a lot of details on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes I miss the big picture, but I will always remember a small detail about something. Every once in a while, I'll notice a few different things and then wonder, "Hmm. I wonder if these things are all related?"
Charlotte, Mark and Samantha Ronson

So, let's see if you can follow me connecting some dots. Boyfriend got a new cd a few weeks ago by Mark Ronson. It was really good, but the singing voices in some of the tracks were different, so naturally I had to do some researching. Mark seems to be mainly a dj, but did do some singing on his new album. My favorite song is "The Bike Song." After reading about his album, his last name was ringing a bell. Remember Samantha Ronson who seemed to be plastered constantly across tabloids a few years ago? She's the dj who dated Lindsay Lohan... Well, it turns out that they are sister and brother! And they're both djs! But wait, there is more. I was doing some online shopping for a dress to wear to an upcoming wedding, so I moseyed on over to the JC Penney website to check things out. They have a line by the name of "I <3 Ronson," which immediately made me wonder if it was related to the other two Ronsons I came upon. It is! Charlotte Ronson is the designer of that clothing line and is Samantha's twin. BAM. CONNECTED. A bit more stalking of the Ronson family revealed that they also have some half-siblings who have all made names for themselves in the music and fashion industries.

This might have been a poor use of my time, but I would have always wondered.

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