07 June 2011

Goodbye, Old Friend

Well folks, Ranger Danger has been put out to pasture. I loved that little truck, but I was starting to make a trip too many to visit the nice people at the truck doctor. (I know they're just nice because they want money from me.) 

RD, you have been a great little truck for me. We hauled things. We went to high school. Then to college. We sang Celine Dion loudly. That was just me? We drove over just as many country roads as city roads. We flew over every bump- that feature of yours reminded me of the wagon that Calvin and Hobbes would have deep conversations in. When it was drawn going over a hill, the wheels were always detached. Did I mentioned that we hauled a lot of stuff? It has been a great 12 years.

I will miss you Ranger Danger.
RD hanging out under the pine trees with Mom's car.
Poor steering wheel. I wonder how long it will take me to get the new car's steering wheel this smooth.
RD hanging out with Dad's boats
May the jackalope be with you.
You may leave your goodbyes for Ranger Danger in the comments area below.


  1. this truck was the beginning of Dad's crossing over from GM to Ford

  2. Ranger Danger--you served us so well. One of my favorite memories is when Kevin Dawson needed a ride home from school in the 9th grade and he, Julie and I packed into your cab---Julie was skinny then too but Kevin and I needed ample space! I hope the new owner is well served by you too!

  3. Yes, our five Ford vehicles have served us very well. A LOT better than the GM ones that were constantly in the shop for one thing or another. Is it any wonder Ford is the only US car maker that hasn't declared bankruptcy?

    Though RD is not exactly "out to pasture". If you drive through Longview or Kilgore, TX you may see RD still on the job and running strong.

  4. Ranger Danger, I always admired your jackaloupe sticker. May you rest easy now.