06 June 2011

Lackland BMT Graduation

Recently, I got to see the coolest thing. Boyfriend's BFF, Tyler, graduated from Basic Military Training (BMT) and we were lucky enough to be invited. What an honor! I was also a little thrilled, because they had to run a check on our driver's licenses in order for us to be allow on the Air Force base. Check me out government! 

The ceremonies were wonderful. Such precision! I loved seeing the women's flights. Although their uniform pants were highly unflattering, it was nice to see young women going after such a great accomplishment in a male-dominated area. Way to go girls. During the graduation parade, an Airman stepped forward to play the National Anthem. I was expecting a trumpet or something, but it was played on the bag pipes! Without fail, I cry every time I hear bag pipes in person. A friend who loved the bag pipes died a few years ago, and now I think of him when I hear them. Luckily, I had my sunglasses on, so no one thought I was a pansy.

After hearing about all of the work and training the BMT students go through, I was completely in awe of their dedication. That training is hard stuff. It should also be noted that they were training in Central Texas- can you say heat and humidity? And also, these guys and gals are giving up their lives to serve our country. Some of them risk their bodies for us, but all of them basically give up their lives to serve in the military. These people miss holidays, Sunday afternoons, first steps, graduations, birthdays- all for our country's safety. Isn't that amazing? I am so proud to be able to know one of these men.
US and State flags
Coining Ceremony

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