26 July 2011

Big Dreams

Since I'm pupsitting this week, I'm staying at the pups' house. My apartment is quite nice, but there is nothing like staying in an actual house. I love visiting people at their homes and seeing all the different personal styles that people come up with. Gaius and Titus' Mom has their house decorated with mostly warm colors and fun patterns. It's very hip, neat and nice.

Along with staying in houses, I enjoy decorating. Just ask Mom, I always have had something to do with the decor of my room. And remember when I was "setting up shop" in my first apartment last summer? Loved it. 
Apartment Therapy
 Now, since I've decorated an apartment, I'm ready for a house. This is so far away, but a girl can dream and compile a large, very specific database of home interior photos! Right?
Apartment Therapy
 My house of the future will be filled with warm wishes and a lot of vintage type things. Being a good southern girl, antiques are my favorites and I don't lean towards the modern style very often. There's this small, awesome movement of classic styles of furniture and textiles coming back. Or maybe I'm just now noticing it? 
House Beautiful
 I like an even mixture of warm and cool colors. Like a nice red with cream, navy and bits of marigold. Or light blues, mint green, gray and bits of red. And large collections of nice black and white photographs! And different textures! Oh the possibilities! 
House Beautiful
Mom and Dad are in the process of starting to build a house, so maybe Mom will let me help with the decorating...

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  1. Someday your house will be gorgeous...and I'll invite myself over! :) Keep dreaming...the apartment era will only last for a season.