15 July 2011

Helen Frankenthaler

Flirt, 1995
Robinson's Wrap, 1974
Canyon, 1965
Sesame, 1970
Causeway, 2001
Orange Underline, 1963
I first met Helen Frankenthaler's work in my History of Modern Art class at school. Modern Art is not my most favorite at all, but her work! I love it! Her color selections are visually interesting and create a great harmony. Her method of painting is also interesting to me. She usually dilutes oil paint with turpentine in a paint bucket, then kind of dumps the paint onto the canvas, stroking it with a large-ish paint brush when needed. She can do this effectively because of the large scale of her work. I love the approach of mixing something and then just letting it do whatever it wants for the most part. I would like to try this technique at some point. I also want to meet Frakenthaler, but she might be a little out of reach for me. She's kind of a big deal.

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