29 July 2011

Ode to the Darkroom

Dear Darkroom,
I like you a lot. I was kind of scared of you at first, what with all of those chemicals and "don't pour this down the drain" signage. Maybe intimidating is the right word? And my professor and her 3-page version of "How to Develop Film." When I get nervous, I write everything out in a nice list. None of this "just wing it" nonsense for me. So, I studiously poured over that 3-page instruction manual and simplified it to an index card. Now, when I'm not too sure about how much of this and that I need, I can just whip out my index card! That wasn't so bad. And the chemicals are pretty nice once you get to know them. Mr. Developer eats away the emulsion on my film to leave images. Then, Mr. Stop comes in and... stops what Mr. Developer does. Then, Mrs. Fixer fixes everything up real pretty, so that my images stay put. They all work together and I rarely get a bad negative! I really enjoy mixing chemicals, measuring water temperatures and following directions, so I guess I should have known you wouldn't be so bad, darkroom. What's even better is when I come to see you after school to develop my film and no one else is there. You are hands down the most quiet spot on campus. Even when other photography kids are there, it isn't very loud, because no one really talks very much. It's nice to have something, that, as long as you follow directions, will always come out as planned. Thanks, darkroom.


  1. missing a "p"....just sayin'

  2. The darkroom is truly the art of photography!

  3. I liked it, but the smell always gave me a headache... thinking of the smell, now, might actually be giving me a headache. =P

  4. Ugh, the other day the air conditioning was out in the building with the darkroom. It was awful and I think everyone left a little bit high from the chemicals.