25 July 2011


Once upon a time, I was lucky enough to live with my seester and Beezus.
Being the sociable chap he was, Beezus had a few pup friends who would come play sometimes.
Gaius and Beezus became best friends.
They bonded over speckles.
Occasionally, when G-money's Mom and Dad would go out of town, I would get to pup sit.
Actually, that was when his Mom and Dad weren't married yet and G-money's Dad referred to his Mom as "Aunt KayLynn." Does this mean that Russ, Emily's fiance is "Uncle Russ" to Beezus?
Oh how I love to sit upon the pups!
It's like having a dog, but in a week or so, you can give them back. That is the way to have a dog.
But now, there are two Gaiuses!
Gaius 1 and Gaius 2.
Just kidding. The little one is Titus. He's really cute and likes to snuggle.
See how he is thoroughly enjoying the moment above?
I like these pups a lot because they always have little waggle nub tails and lots of speckles.
They, unlike Beezus, grasp the concept of fetch. I like throwing things, so we get along quite well.

I would definitely like a dog, but not right now. Pups need yards and my apartment has no such thing.
My affinity for large and/or collie type dogs doesn't help the situation either.
One of my very favorite bloggers just had to give away her pups. Saddest posts ever.

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  1. no more sitting upon the pups, or i'll call PETA on you!