14 July 2011

Thoughts on Sky Harbor Airport

My favorite airport is Austin- Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA). It's neat and well-labeled and easy to maneuver. I never have any problems getting through TSA, my flights are never delayed, and the ticket counter attendants are fast. Real fast.

But Sky Harbor. Oh Sky Harbor I don't know what to do with you! You are really nice to me when I go to visit Mrs. Laurel, but the devil when I try to leave. I know you would like for me to stay in Arizona, but I have a BFA to finish, so I should get back to Texas.

This last trip I made from Sky Harbor was quite the adventure. Josh dropped me off in plenty of time. I found the Southwest counter just fine, but the line was sooooooo loooooong. And full of PEOPLE TALKING REALLY LOUDLY ON THEIR CELL PHONES. I waited patiently and concentrated on stifling my emotions (see yesterday's post about me leaving places). The ticket lady was nice, but I could tell that she was ready to go home. With ticket in hand, I got in the TSA line. A lady popping her gum decided it would be a really good idea to stand right behind me. I'm surprised she didn't get gum in my hair.

This is when the fun started. It was my turn to be scanned, so I put all of my stuff in the little boxes and waited for them to wave me through. I guess I was looking sketchy, because they scanned my stuff twice and sent me through the full body x-ray. They also acted like they were going to give me a pat down, but thankfully they changed their minds. At least I didn't have my multi-tool in my backpack like last time. I can say that Sky Harbor has a pretty good selection of restaurants and has free wi-fi. So that is good.

After re-belting myself, I got to my gate and all was well in the world. The plane I was on flew through a dust storm and a rain storm, but that didn't make me feel negatively towards Sky Harbor. Lucky for me, ABIA was waiting for me with open arms!

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  1. I love going home, but have mixed feelings about the 'ole Sky Harbor, too. A few years ago I experienced the worst pat-down EVER at Sky Harbor. Let's just say it was humiliating! I fly at least once a month and PHX is a bit rough sometimes.