30 August 2011

1:30 am

watch collection in the louvre; july 2008
When starting a new schedule, I usually have some trouble getting into a good sleeping routine. So, I end up staying awake until my natural/usual bedtime on the first few nights and wearing myself out in the day, so that I can get to sleep at my new bedtime. While I'm trying to coax myself into some good sleep, I always end up doing random things. While getting into my new school schedule, I have:

1. put some laundry away
2. read bits of a book I've been wanting to read
3. popped leg zits
4. gone over planner a thousand times
5. finished a quilt for Roxy
6. filled out "getting to know you" sheets for class
7. tried on winter hats
8. concocted new closet organization plans
9. made a grocery list
10. snooped on parking lot goings-on

Pretty productive, eh?

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