10 August 2011

Confession #38

The basset hound at Peter Pan Putt Putt; a celeb in my book.
Quite often, I forget that celebrities are real people. They are human too, but have you seen Lady Gaga lately? She does not look like a 'normal' person. Even the more down-to-earth celebs I forget are real. They are not that different from us regular folk.

1. I, too, have long, silky hair. It's from a healthy diet and good hygiene, but I think that might be better than hair extensions.
2. My debit card also pays for many expensive things. Maybe not so many Louis Vuittons, as rolls and rolls of film.
3. I also wear my sunglasses inside sometimes. Mainly because I forget they're on my face.
4. My collection of art also includes many renderings of my own face. Every studio course I've taken at school has had a self portrait assignment.
5. No one knows where I live either.

See, they aren't that different...

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