11 August 2011

Confession #39

Me driving Ranger Danger; May 2011
Ok, this is a true confession.

On my way home Tuesday, I got pulled over by a police officer for the very first time ever. It was a harrowing experience for sure. Did I mention that it was the very first time ever? I was just outside of Franklin, Texas. The speed limit had gone from 35 to 40, 40 to 45, 45 to 55. After 55 comes the always awesome "70 during the day time and 65 during the night time" sign. I know where these signs are throughout the drive home, so I usually speed up before them. Yeah, yeah that's not what I'm supposed to do. Well, this time a cop saw me. He actually saw me, pulled a fast u-turn and pulled me over.

Let me pause here to tell you that I am irrationally scared to death of the police. Make that authority figures in general. Police, teachers, principals, TSA workers, bus drivers, mall security officers, etc.

I saw the flashing lights in my rearview mirror, sighed, and pulled over. I knew you had to show them proof of insurance, registration and your license, so I was working on getting the papers out of my glovebox. I lost all of my calmness and my hands started shaking uncontrollably as the middle-aged cop made his way over to my window. He was really nice, though.

Police Officer: Hi ma'am, you were going a little fast back there, weren't you?
Me: Hi! Yeah, I got a little ahead of the 70 mph sign.
Police Officer: Alright, well can I see you license and insurance?
Me: Sure! *fumbles*
Police Officer: Where are you headed today?
Me: Home, my summer semester just ended.
Police Officer: Where's home? Are you a Texas A&M student?
Me: No sir, I go to Texas State and I'm headed to Northeast Texas. It's a long drive.

This was awesome. I was still trying to get my license out of my wallet when he asked for it. For some reason in my fumbling I handed him my debit card.

Police Officer: No, I don't need that, can I have your license?
Me: *shaking* Sorry! Here you go!
Police Officer: Have you ever had a citation before?
Me: No sir, this my first time to even be pulled over.
Police Officer: Oh my! Well am I going to be the bad guy if I give you a citation?
Me: No sir, you're just doing your job.
Police Officer: Alright, well let me go check my computer.

He goes to run my license in his cop car, meanwhile I'm being jittery all over the place.

Police Officer: Ok, Miss Morrison, I'm going to let you go with a warning if you can go the speed limit for the rest of your trip.
Me: Yes! I can do that!

Then I continued to thank him? Not sure if I was thanking him for not giving me a ticket or for doing his job or what, but I thanked him plenty. I think he felt sorry for me more than anything. In addition to the shaking, I also had a bit of a lisp that day due to a sore on the tip of my tongue, so that probably helped me out a little bit.


  1. I love knowing the context behind many of the photos in your posts, like this one and the previous...surprise party or mini-golf anyone?

  2. Aww, hehe! I have only been pulled over once. I was speeding terribly trying to get to an appointment on time and got so nervous I threw up after I got my ticket.
    I went to court to try and get out of it and the cop didn't show up. I guess he felt bad enough for me or maybe didn't want to see me puke again. =P