15 August 2011

Drop Me a Beat

December 2010
Dear Josh,
No pressure, but we really have some work to do at Russ and Em's wedding. There is going to be a reception, and at that reception there will be dancing. We are probably going to have to get that dancing started. Also, no one on Em's side of the family dances, except for me. So, we need to bring all of our moves. Your performance at Kelsey and Bryan's wedding was spectacular, so think along those lines when you are conditioning for this wedding. I have already started my conditioning, so expect the best from me. I saw some real gems on their playlist, so I'm really looking forward to this dancing. I'm also working on learning the words to some new rap songs. Remember my special performance of Katy Perry's "E.T." featuring Kanye West? I can't roll my tongue like those rappers, so my rapping isn't coming along very well, but I'll keep trying.

1 comment:

  1. Don't worry, I've been practicing for 26 years.

    I remember going all robo-velociraptor or something like that during ET.

    If you practice your Spanish, you'll start to get the r's.

    BTW, I love this picture. I was trying so hard to bite my tassel and all you gave me was a look of disapproval...you're stuck with this.