09 August 2011

Hip Hip, Hooray!

Dishes, August 2011
Yesterday, I wore my dinosaur shirt and Kim Novak helped me get an 'A' in my color theory class. That was pretty nice of her. Our final assignment was to take a photo from an old movie or the news, then paint it using the pointillism technique. I chose a shot of Kim Novak from Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo." Out of curiosity, I looked her up on the Wikipedia and it says that she lives in Oregon with her husband. They raise horses and llamas. I'm a little jealous. Apparently she fell off of one of those horses and broke some things and punctured a lung. I am not jealous of that. Also, last year she was diagnosed with breast cancer, so now she's on my prayer list.

Anyway, now that I am done with that class, I am officially an upperclassman. All of the foundation type courses have been completed! Victory is mine! Also, I am exactly a year away from graduation, which is pretty exciting. After my color theory final critique, I ventured up to the galleries in the art building to see this summer's graduating BFA student work. I wasn't taken by the paintings, but the photography was awesome. One girl's work was so impressive that I'm not going to tell you about it, solely because I wouldn't do it justice.

Seeing their work encourages me that I can do that too. I think my photography ideas are to that level, but in this next/last (!!!) year, I hope to hone in my technical skills and become more awesome. Speaking of being awesome, the Ikea magazine came in the mail and I'm ready to be in the new apartment NOW. Most of my stuff is boxed up right now, so it's hard to try to execute some of the new ideas I've gathered from the Ikea mag.

Also, I put some cups of water outside of my apartment for the birds to drink. We are in a drought, you guys! The water levels are going down, but I can't tell if it's because the birds are drinking it or if the heat is evaporating it. Or maybe my neighbor is drinking the water?

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