24 August 2011

New Glasses

So, I'm practically blind and usually make an effort to go to the eye doctor every year. I like to stay on top of problems. When I was at home week before last, I went to visit my favorite eye doctor. While I did not get to visit my favorite doctor, I did get to meet the new doctor in the office. She was nice, and told me that my glasses prescription had changed a bit. Changed a bit you say? 

This meant new glorious glasses in my mind. When my plan of action was Mom approved, we headed over to JC Penny for some new specs. My old glasses were thick black frames, because I got them in high school and wanted to seem very chic with black rimmed glasses. We all go through this phase, I believe. As I looked through all of the women styles, I could picture other faces behind these glasses, but not my own. 

Then, I found some nice tortoise shell rimmed glasses and decided it was a tortoise shell kind of point in my life. BUT THEN, I decided I needed to have a look at the men's section. I found the men's version of the women's glasses I'd just selected. The frames were slightly larger and looked better on my face, so I went all crazy and got the men's frames. Scandalous, I know. Since my eyes are really bad, it usually takes whoever I order my glasses from a while to get them in. Special, magical glass? Somehow JC Penny got my glasses in two days! I usually only wear my glasses at night, but I have worn these new guys several times... during the day!

The other day, I was wondering when the new Zooey show was premiering on Fox, so I took to my trusty computer to find myself a date. Then I got into looking at stills and clips from the show. People. I selected some glasses almost exactly like Zooey's in the show. SHE'S INFILTRATING MY MIND. It's true. Every time I am thinking about buying new fashionable items, I think to myself, "What would Zooey say about this item?" I also ask myself, "And how much does this cost?" I guess this isn't such a bad thing, she's always real cute.

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