16 August 2011

On Chainsaws

Me, chainsaw
When you are home visiting your parents, there are things that you can do. You can look through old photo albums, wander around town to different family members' homes, eat things, and read some magazines. But when your Dad pops his head into your room and asks, "Want to learn how to use the chainsaw?" you just have to do that. If you have any excuse to use a power tool, go for it. I love using power tools. I'd never used a chainsaw, just the occasional hedge trimmer, but it was really fun. Dad gave me the usual wear protective clothing/glasses/don't be stupid/this is what it does speech and then let me at it. My subject was a large willow oak branch that had fallen sometime last week during a windy time. You can see part of it in the picture above. I think I was an excellent pupil and made some nice cuts. We cut the riff-raff branches off to go in the burn pile (that probably won't be burned for a loooooong time, since East Texas is in a bad drought) and cut 2-3 foot pieces for Andy's meat smoker. I've heard of people smoking meat with mesquite wood, but not willow oak. We'll see how that goes. 
a cut

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  1. oak is great semi-neutral smoking wood...you need to "season" the wood (or let it age) for several months before using...sooo, it should be ready around thanksgiving....thanks, guys!