03 August 2011


Yesterday was a pretty good day.

I got out of my bed at a reasonable time for school. My hair wasn't being ridiculous, and that pimple got my "go away" memo. I like to prepare my outfits the night before I wear them, but most of the time I change my mind in the morning when I'm getting dressed. But, yesterday, my prepared outfit was actually worn in full. It was a good one. I put on my new favorite shoes and everything was cool. I stopped at the Tiger Market on my way to school to get an iced coffee thing (frappuccino?) and a banana, since I had no groceries at home. I have never liked coffee in my life, but the "mocha" name lured me in.

During my drive, I listened to NPR and it was pure gold the entire way to school. They did a story about the "Tech Ops." division of the FBI, and even had a guy that had worked in that division answering questions. Then, they told a story about this fish in England that was fed a strict diet of chocolate and weighed nine pounds. It got too big for its habitat, so a British zoo took it. To wean it off of the chocolate, they fed it crushed up kit kat bars and fruit. I thought it was super funny that they fed it kit kat bars.

As usual, there was a spot for me to park at school and that's always nice. For the first bit of my photography class, I sat around with some other students waiting to talk to our teachers. She was reviewing final prints one-on-one with us. Those photo kids are funny and sharp. I like them. I was a little worried about some of my prints, because they dried really dark and lost some detail. Apparently, they looked great. My teacher really liked them. After my meeting, I printed a few more pictures in the darkroom. I think my enlarger was out of focus on the right side.

After grabbing some lunch, I sat in my car, ate and listened to Eklektikos on NPR. Radio host guy played a cover of Radiohead's "The Tourist" from Sarah Jarosz. I really liked its "slow as molasses" feel. It was stuck in my head for the rest of the day and I listened to it while I typed this.

In Color Theory we didn't do any painting, which was weird. We had a class critique of our color harmony self portraits. There were some really good ones and some really bad ones. I expected mine to be one of the bad ones, but my classmates were very complimentary of it. This one kid did a really messy job (ie: wiggly borders, incorrect paint swatches, messy paint application) and I called him out on it. I'm not sure he knows how important good craft is to our professor, because the kid kind of winked and played it off like his bleeding borders weren't a big deal. Who winks anyway? I felt better when our professor told him to cut everything out and glue it onto another sheet of paper.

After school, I was going to go back to the photography building and print some more pictures, but I had a messy apartment and no groceries. So, I went back to my apartment. Good times. The Heb was bonkers crazy. I'm glad I got out alive. They randomly have good prices on flowers, so I bought some nice glads for $4. Mom and Emily are coming to town this weekend, so the flowers will be nice and cheery for them. Then, I made "Tuna Surprise."

Nothing too fancy, but it was a good day.


  1. This day sounds like a dream. I'd switch out tuna for mac and cheese and add warm wind blowing in my face, but that's about it. I had a little taste because I heard that cover on NPR too!

  2. I heard the FBI guy on NPR. When they break into your house and disturb the dust, they have replacement dust readily available...that's awesome!