06 September 2011

Identifying a Beezus

1. Little wet nose- These will often find their way to your legs while he's checking you out. Sometimes you wake up to a wet nose on your nose. You definitely have a Beezus on your hands if there is a hitler mustache under the wet nose.
 2. Puppy paws that smell like pupcorn- You will know what pupcorn is when you smell it. Sometimes, puppy paws are used to shake hands. Most of the time they are used to get attention.
 3. Velvet ears- These are the definitive sign of a Beezus. They are so soft that you will never be able to get anything done, because all you want to do is stroke them. Really. You can flip them backwards to make him look like Jar Jar Binks.
 4. Muffin spot- A spot in the shape of a muffin. Leads to nick-names like "muffin head"
 5. "Pupgia" spot- A spot that looks like it could be the shape of a land mass.
6. White-tipped waggle tail- In order to see where their dogs were, hunters in past times bred their dogs to have white-tipped tails, so that they could see them above tall grasses. Sometimes a Beezus will go into the tall grasses, and this comes in handy. The white-tipped tail also comes in handy to see if he's on the other side of the bed or not.

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