21 September 2011


Rollers, cookie; July 2011
Each year on the eve of the new year, I like to sit quietly by myself, drink hot chocolate, read a magazine, watch a classic and think about the year ahead of me and what I want to work on. This past New Year's Eve I did not do this. Or the year before that. BUT I did think about the year before me and what I wanted to work on as I was driving back to Austin from visiting home. It was somewhere between Malakoff, Texas and that point where I sing along with Celine Dion to her album "All the Way... A Decade of Song." You know.

That was when I decided that I was going to take good care of my body this year. I was going to eat foods that would nourish my body, exercise regularly (rather than sporadically), take good care of my skin, and even pamper my self every so often. For the most part, I have epically failed my "take care of yourself" resolution. I haven't been eating the foods I should for a number of reasons, and that will probably be something I work on for a long time.

Even though I love sleeping (hellowhatisthenameofmyblog) I don't get enough sleep most of the time. My classes start at 8am, you guys! It's either the "I can't get to sleep early enough" or "I want to skype with Josh" or "I want to see what's on sale at Anthropologie." I'm going to have to be more strict with myself and go to bed at the same time every night or something. Sleeping is really important for your body. This is when your body repairs itself- muscle rebuilding, skin turnover. Your mind works out problems through dreams, so it's important to have good sleep that allows your mind to go through multiple REM cycles. Most importantly, a good night's rest helps you be more productive during the day. Or productive at all...

I have high hopes for my exercise routine, because I'm taking an aerobics class this semester and have access to the Student Rec. Center. There's also a girl in that class who is going to go to said Rec. Center with me on the days we don't have aerobics. Yay exercise friend!

Now, I have done a good job on the pampering end of my resolution. It was the easiest part of the whole idea! While I think a healthy confidence in yourself comes from within, not your looks, I also think primping adds to how you feel about yourself. I feel fancy when I get my hair cut and down right polished when I get my nails done. I'd never had a massage before, so this year I definitely wanted to try that out. My friend Amber is a masseuse, so I hit her up for a massage. It was so great! It released a lot of tension and felt wonderful. I would definitely like to do that again.

What I've learned here, is that I'm really bad at taking time for my body. I'm really good at taking time for myself, but not so good at taking care of myself. My school schedule is the same Monday through Thursday, so I think that will help me get into a routine. This is also becoming a challenge, so that makes me want to show it who is boss. We'll see.

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