16 September 2011

To My New Brother-in-law

Russ and Em; May 2011
Dear Russ,
You are getting married tomorrow! To my dearest sister! Just in case you haven't noticed over the past two years, we are really close. She is really special to me. She is my only sister, my best friend, knows everything about me and has been there for everything in my life. Sorry if you thought I didn't like you at first. I probably didn't. A sister is nothing if she isn't suspicious and picky of boys. I just had to get to know you, and since we are both on the quiet side, that took a little while!

I'm really glad you guys found each other. A kind, hard-working, godly man is hard to find these days. You are perfect for her. I can tell you make her feel beautiful and loved. Thank you. I know that you will take good care of her. I also know that she will take good care of you- have you heard her talk about you? I have enjoyed getting to know you and asking you all sorts of medical questions.

So, welcome to the family! We are as weird and dysfunctional as any other family, but I think you'll fit in perfectly.

Ps: Sometimes Em really does need two (2) naps in one day.

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