19 September 2011

Watercolor I

Painting at Sewell Park; September 2011
This semester, I am taking a watercolor class to fulfill my 2-D art class requirements. I have always enjoyed a good illustration or piece of art done in watercolor, so I knew I would enjoy the class. When I met the professor I was positive I would like the class. Dr. Hefner is a middle-aged gentleman, former kindergarden teacher and enjoys running. He. is. hilarious. He also has more energy than most of the kids my age!

Most of the assignments for this class are kind of off the wall, but I'm starting to like that. A few classes ago, the whole class got on a bus and rode to Sewell Park here in San Marcos. Our assignment was to swim (if we wanted to) and paint the water. I have never been outside during one of my studio classes. This was so fun! The weather made it even nicer. It was one of the first few days this semester when the temperature was below 105 degrees. 90 degrees felt down right chilly.

Later this semester we have to do a one page paper on string theory. I asked Josh about that and he, the boyfriend with the physics degree, wasn't sure how to explain it to me. So, that should be interesting? I'll report back when I complete that assignment.

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