21 October 2011


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It's official.

I hate registering for classes.

Good news for me, I only have to do it two more times! I register today for my spring semester classes and will register for my summer classes mid-next semester. Go me! It doesn't seem like that horrible of a task, but dear reader, you do not understand. Unless you have had the same experience registering for classes. I like to be prepared for registration, so this semester I met with my advisor a month before my registration time. Once the master schedule came out, I immediately made my schedule and made a list of alternatives. It seems like I would be good to go when my time comes around, but no.

Today, I am registering for 3 classes out of the 5 I needed. It was 2 classes, but a bunch of the photo kids convinced the Alternative Processes professor to make another class time for that course. Thanks, Mr. Ruggiero! This is probably the most frustrating thing about school. There is always something wrong when I go to register for classes. This time, all of my classes filled up within the first two days of registration, including my alternates. Most of the professors I have tried to contact have either not gotten back to me or have said 'no'.


I get really overwhelmed with this type of thing, because it scares me into thinking I will never graduate. I have plans, you guys! My advisor is pretty kick-a, so she'll get me graduated, but dadgum it Texas State, you need a larger art department or you need to limit the student intake. It's okay to turn kids (money) away. They also need to re-evaluate their honor student system. Some kids join the program just so they can have earlier registration dates, and then drop the program their senior year before they have to write their honor student paper.

Man, I just dished a lot of dirt on my own school. I really like Texas State, just not this one thing.

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