20 October 2011

Confession #43

From a Paris train station; July 2008
Nat the Fat Rat talked about one of my very favorite secret ambitions today.

Being French.

Oh, how I wish I was chic, mysterious and impeccably dressed! It all started when Emily turned me on to Scott Schuman's blog, The Sartorialist. He takes street fashion photos and is great at what he does. He spends a good amount of time in Paris, so the French ladies are always on his blog. Now, I know the ladies pictured on his blog probably work in the fashion industry and spend all of their paychecks on clothes, but they have got it going on.

They also have this confidence that I can't quite grasp. It's the mystery of French women! On that trip Mom, Emily and I took to Europe, I got to experience Paris first-hand. Mom thought it was dirty, but I thought it was beaut-eee-ful. And as it turns out, everyone in Paris is beaut-eee-ful. Even if they were just dressed in pants and a top, they put this spin on the outfit that made it chic in an instant. Maybe it was that confidence? Maybe it was satisfaction in their lives? French people do take their time with things, meaning they actually take breaks. That could lead to much satisfaction.

I wish I had time to take breaks these days. Here and there I have an hour or two to myself, but most of the time I'm schooling, homeworking, or visiting someone. The Frenchies take time for personal wellness and relaxation time. Wouldn't that be nice?

But for now, the busy is good. 

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