27 October 2011

Confession #44

Boots are easily my very favorite form of footwear. You can wear socks with them, don't have to tie them, and they instantly make (almost) any outfit look stylish. Even though I love them something fierce, I am also highly critical of common boot design. The heel is awkward. The material doesn't match the design. The shaft isn't tall enough. Why do they have zippers? That boot shouldn't have fur. Etc. I might spend too much time thinking about boots? And then when it comes to my own boot wear, heaven help me. 
My most favorite boots in the world came into my life a little over two years ago. They were vintage, cognac brown, real leather and my go-to shoes for November-April. But sad news came through some wet socks one day. Last Christmas their little soles gave out and cracked. Dad said he could epoxy them, but they probably wouldn't make it. Seeking a second opinion, I went to see Mr. David the cobbler. With an understanding heart, he told me he could glue the sole, but it would only be a temporary fix and the boot could not be resoled. Woe! I lovingly rolled up some newspapers in them and placed them on a shelf in my closet for some good boot rest.

While feeling like I was cheating on them, I began to look for new boots. They needed to be cognac in color, pleasant in spirit, and be tall and skinny in the shaft. Looking high and low, I couldn't find anything. Then one day, out of the clear blue moon, my Rachel friend said, "Hey, do you want to look at their boots, Jules?" while we were shopping. Well yes, Rachel, I would like to look at the boots, but don't tell my other ones. We walked in, saw the boot, tried it on, loved them and bought the new boot. Only thing is, they didn't have my cognac color in-store in my size, so the new boots are being sent to my apartment. I'm in my new boot honeymoon stage with no new boot.


  1. Nice boots - a little more western than European? My heart still hurts for the vintage. Also, I am wearing the same outfit right now as in the picture...minus the purse, sadly.