19 October 2011

Darkroom Times

Mom cooking; April 2011; 120mm Kodak TMax 400 B&W film
Last night, I spent some of my last few hours in the photo darkroom! I never have fallen head-over-heels in love with that dadgum darkroom like some of the other students. The photo lab at Texas State is in a secluded part of campus, so the building is really quiet. I like that, but when I'm in the darkroom by myself, it's a little unnerving. Also, the covers for the enlargers look like dementors. So, I try to make my prints as quickly as possible. I really can't say that I'll miss standing over pans of chemicals while making prints of photos. My hands always end up smelling like developer. Two of my photo classes next semester are still film, but one is an alternative processes course and the other a color photography class. The color class calls for 35mm and 4x5" color negative film, but we won't be developing it ourselves, and we'll be scanning the negatives to make digital prints. Yay! I love film, but not the process. All scans for this girl!

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  1. I must say I miss the developer smell. Is that weird? The alternative process course sounds neat!!