07 October 2011

Jules Buck Jones

Several times during the long semesters at school, the gallery director asks artists to come visit our school and speak to the students about their work. Jules Buck Jones came to visit us the other day and I was instantly in love with his work. He draws a lot of animals, some real and some made up, and I think they are all awesome. His drawings are neat and completely chaotic at the same time. During his talk the other day, he mostly talked about an artist residency that he did in the Florida Everglades. That sounded like a fun adventure.
He also spoke about his time in art school. JBJ is an over-achiever and received his Master's degree in studio art about two years ago, so he has probably had all sorts of teachers. He told us to pretty much ignore 90% of what our professors say about our work in critiques and to make art about things we actually like. That second part really stuck out to me. Quite often in my classes I make art on topics I'm not super interested in. I worry that the things that I'm interested in aren't "artsy" enough, so my teacher won't appreciate them.
So, with this new idea of making art on a topic that I actually like, I photographed some sewing supplies for my studio photography class. I was really excited about them, because I love sewing tools and how they look. I also shot some portraits that were inspired by old photos that I was quite pleased with. The prints I made could have been better, but my professor loved my work! Thank you, Jules Buck Jones for pointing that completely obvious part of art school out to me.

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  1. in other words, don't try too hard to come up with ideas...just go with what comes naturally to you