11 October 2011

On College

Valery and Roxy; December 2010
To My Nieces in 13ish Years,

I am probably not the first and will not be the last to tell you this, but kids, college is hard. It's really hard, but totally worth it. The coursework is challenging, living away from home is lonely, and the food is not the best most of the time, but it is worth it. Pray about things and you'll go places.

When you first get that schedule, don't freak out. You can handle all of it. I always freak out when the semester starts. Each professor is going to hand you this thing called a syllabus. I swear, every syllabus I have ever received has had "THIS IS A LOT OF WORK AND YOU CAN'T DO IT" scrawled across it in bold, scary letters. If you see this too, just ignore it. College is a lot of work, but you can do it. You probably won't be able to take a nap every afternoon, go out with your friends all of the time, or keep up with your sewing hobby, but it will be okay. If you need to call your pep squad on the first day of school, that is okay. In this order, I call Emily, Mom and Josh on the first day of school. All of them say the same thing, "Make good use of your time and you'll do great."

At the end of every semester, I feel super proud of myself. I think back to all of those projects I completed, all of those pieces of art I memorized, and all of those essays I wrote. This bubbly sense of pride comes over me and I'm ready for another semester. I did all of that good work. I made those good grades.

Girls, college might be super hard on you. Harder than it is on boys, I think. College is definitely not high school, but in some ways it is. Everyone is not going to want to be friends with you. You will have to go places by yourself. Yes, even to the bathroom. Don't be afraid of the independence. It's good for you. Also, don't throw yourself at boys. It makes you look silly and immature. Classes do not pause for that time of the month, break-ups, or sales at the outlet malls (I KNOW, RIGHT?!). Sometimes, I feel the need to take personal days, but only 1-2 per semester. It is okay to do that, but make sure you stay on top of your missed classwork. Encourage your classmates and you will make the best of friends.

Always remember that your Auntie Julie will edit your papers for you. You probably wouldn't have to twist Josh's arm too hard either... Don't forget to have fun and seek out beautiful things in your day to day life. My favorite was painting outside in my watercolor class.

Auntie Julie

A tree in the Texas State President's House Yard; September 2011

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  1. good advice, aunt julie...and nice random tree picture!