26 October 2011

A True Moral Dilemma

Another thing I don't understand.
Let me first just say that I think Philosophy is not a useful class for all college students to take, yet we must still take it. This might be because I don't understand a lot of it, or it might be because we have watched two movies in class this semester. "Why?" was also my question. Last Thursday, we started watching "Law Abiding Citizen" and oh my goodness. After a few minutes, I was ready to walk out of class, but I didn't want to be counted absent from class so I stayed and watched no fewer than five people get blown up, chopped up or stabbed in the jugular.

I'm having a hard time piecing together why we watched that in class, but I am learning other useless things when the professor does lecture. The first few lectures were about informal fallacies. They are different kinds of arguments, and all sound slightly similar. Recently, I tried to put them to good use in my life- do I report the sugar ant family in my bathroom or do I just leave them alone? You can google these to see if my arguments match up.

Red Herring- Should I report the sugar ants? More importantly, do I report the awful smell my dishwasher emits when the cycle begins?
Slippery Slope- Should I report the sugar ants? Well, if I did what else would I let enter my apartment? First it's sugar ants, then it's stray cats, then it's stray humans.
Straw Person- If I let the ants stay, I might as well build them a tiny ant mansion and leave food out for them.
Questionable Cause- I never had the sugar ant problem, until I started using a new shampoo.

See how silly the arguments are?! I can use my own God-given common sense to see that, sure, I can let the ants stay, because they are only coming for water, since we are in a drought. Or I can call the front office, because ants carry staph. Informal fallacy arguments can't support their conclusions to begin with, so why do we need to learn these? I hope I can manage for six more weeks of school.


  1. I know it's annoying, but stay the course. You're doing so great!

  2. how about the julie argument? should i report the ants? oh nevermind, which boots should i wear today?