01 November 2011


Native American/Pocahontas? Kate and Ugly Betty Julie; October 2011

My aerobics class was fun yesterday. Our instructors are really fun and told the class if we wore our halloween costumes to class we would get ten bonus points added to our final grades. Ten points! The only thing they didn't tell us, was that we would be doing a real work out, not just speed walking through Sewell Park like last class. My friends and I didn't think anything of wearing costumes with skirts, but we did make sure to have leggings, just incase our skirts were too short. So, I went with my old faithful costume, Ugly Betty. I will never get bored with that costume. There are so many possible UB combinations! Maybe I just really wanted to wear my new sparkley sweater? Probably. Anyway, we did do a real work out, so I was stuck doing squats and yoga poses in my pencil skirt. It was challenging.

Ugly Bettys from 2009:


  1. Love this! That was a great Halloween, back in '09. Sigh, the memories!

  2. Wait, this isn't what y'all wear to aerobics everyday?! Disappointing.