08 November 2011

Confession #45

Uncredited from google
I am a big fan of all of the fine arts. All of them. I love the art, the ballet, the orchestra, you get the idea. I took dance classes for most of my childhood, but quit in high school because I didn't want to be on the school dance team.

When I started at Texas State, I didn't realize it was such a fine arts school. They need to advertise that better. I have been pleasantly surprised that they host dance companies, orchestra performances, visiting visual artists- all of it! Right here in San Marcos! I have a few dance performances on my calendar and I can't wait.

One of Mom's students performs with the Longview Ballet Theater and has invited her to come to one of their "Peter Pan" performances. I get to be her date, because I will be home and Dad doesn't do ballet.


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