22 November 2011


Maurice D. Jones, Seabees portrait
My Grandad is quite the character. Well, Granny is too, but I want to talk about Grandad right now. Every time I go home, I make time to go visit Granny and Grandad. They always have stories to tell me. Grandad has done a lot of research on our family history. This is good, because I love hearing about my ancestors and he loves talking about them. Last time I went to see them, I read a short essay Grandad wrote about his grandfather. It surprised me because it was really funny. He is usually more on the quiet/grumpy side. Even funnier, he was telling me a story about getting a cat out of a hole under his house, and people, Grandad "meowed" during the story telling. It was the best thing.

The photo to the left is from his time serving with the Seabees during WWII. He helped build one of the islands the US military used. Being the photographer in the family, he gave me this photo last summer to scan and have printed larger. I'm a bad granddaughter sometimes and have just now had it printed. At least it looks good!

I'm headed home today, so we'll see if Grandad thinks it looks good.

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