02 November 2011

Long Days

Honeysuckle at an abandoned house; April 2011
My new favorite thing is to have busy days. I mean, my days are usually pretty busy, but I'm talking about the days where you only have a few minutes to eat lunch. Each week this semester, I have had days where I get up at seven in the morning and get back to my apartment around eight or nine in the evening. On some of those days, I would have to develop film, and would end up getting back at ten! Whoa nelly! I don't want 7-10 days every day, but when they come up, I like to think of them as a challenge. These days get lists, power outfits and multiple snacks. I always feel so proud of myself when I complete them, because I'm don't particularly care for my schedule to be jam-packed all of the time. I need a lot of alone/down time and I realize this. So, interacting with my classmates and teachers all day long is a feat for me. Actually, that might be a feat for anyone. But the best part of them is coming home and taking a shower. That is when my body realizes it's tired, and goes, "Hey! Let's go to sleep, because you're going to sleep like a log tonight!" Go sleep!

When do you feel wiped out?

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