16 November 2011

Pixie Cuts

Jenny; October 2011
There are a lot of very stylish girls in the art building. It's probably because they have all been through the color theory course we are required to take... Or because they're young and fashionable. Lately, all of the long hippie hair has been disappearing. The pixie cut is making a big comeback! While it isn't for me, I think it really suits the girls who have it. My friend Jenny, pictured to the left, is awesome and can totally pull this off.

But also, this haircut is a really good idea for an art student. I can't tell you how many things I have had in my hair while I've been in school. Paint, wood shavings, foam core, thread, tacky glue, etc. These girls are smart. The pixie cut also doesn't require ponytail holders, which are usually followed by ponytails. This means when you are in the wood shop, you don't have to consider the hair factor.

Way to make sure your hair doesn't meet the belt grinder, girls!

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