21 November 2011

Saddest Movie Ever

Teaser Stud; July 2011

Old Yeller
Marley & Me
There are a lot of sad movies out there. Why do we purposefully make movies that we know will make us sad? Sometimes I feel a little depressed after a good movie, solely because it makes me feel like I'm not living my life to the fullest. I do have to remind myself that people in movies are not real.

One time when I was visiting Em for the weekend we watched "The Time Traveler's Wife". SADDEST MOVIE EVER. Most movies don't make me cry, but I admit it, I most definitely cried during this one. Also cried in Harry Potter when Hedwig died. When reading the book and watching the movie, in case you needed to know such information. Anyway, "The Time Traveler's Wife" is a particularly cruel movie.

The whole concept of the guy not being able to control what time he is in is very frustrating to me. It's frustrating enough in real life when you want to o back and fast forward in time. I imagine it made him feel bad about himself at some point. He couldn't help it though! I'm glad he found someone to love, and that they had a great time together, but what a horrible relationship! They were the ultimate long distance relationship-ers. Time Traveler guy disappeared at the most inopportune moments, such as his wedding night, fun moments, Christmas Eve, etc. You know, all of "those" moments. I'm glad that when Josh and I actually get to see each other I don't have to worry about him disappearing suddenly.

On top of the time traveling thing, the poor guy loses his clothes whenever he travels. Later on in the movie, he gets smart and starts leaving clothes for himself in various locations. Those first few encounters are rough, though. I would be completely mortified if I showed up somewhere in my birthday suit, I guess I did show up for life like that...

This movie really got me in all of my tender spots. Mainly the one that likes to be done with things, but then it gets presented with the fact that it isn't done with something. I bet that sentence doesn't read well. I got through Marley & Me without a tear, but the time traveling, oh boy.

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