09 November 2011

Thoughts on Twilight

During the last semester of my senior year of high school, I read the Twilight book series. I had already finished all of the Harry Potters and all of Mary Roach's books, and wasn't into the British girl novel thing yet. So, I allowed Twilight to come into my life.

Those books are SO bad for girls.

Where do I even begin? Let's start with the main character, Bella Swan. Why do so many of the young girls who are reading these books want to be her? She is completely boy crazy, has no goals or aspirations, and wants to become a vampire. What kind of role model is that?! I wish the young girls reading these books could see how sad the character is, and also realize that she is a character in a fictional novel. Based on her vampire research skills and that one scene where she and Edward are in Biology, it seems like she has a brain. Does she choose to go to college after she graduates high school? No. She decides to marry a vampire and have vampire babies. It is okay to not go to college, but I don't think young girls should be presented with a character who is portrayed as selfless/heroic, because she is willing to give everything for this vampire dude she likes. And don't get me started on the topic of these books being deemed "young adult" fiction books, when there is a sex scene in the last one. Girl, please.

The other main thing that bugs me is Edward. Back in the day when I was on the facebook, there was a lot of "I'm waiting for my Edward" and "I believe there are real Edwards out there." Oh my goodness have you never met a boy in real life?!! I hate to break it to the general public, but EDWARD CULLEN DOES NOT EXIST. These books that young girls are in love with are describing love on steroids with a side of stalker. In the books, Edward likes to sneak into Bella's bedroom and watch her sleep. Am I the only one who also heard this story on NBC's Dateline? Even if you know the boy sneaking into your bedroom, it is still not a good idea.

My bigger problem with Edward is that his character is making girls think that boys are naturally that loving, intuitive, romantic and thoughtful. Real human boys need tips, hints and most of the time for you to tell them what you want/need. If you date someone for awhile or even marry them, you get to know each other better, but they still can't read your mind. They'll have to tell you what they want sometimes, too. No big deal! But that Edward. Real boys also don't shimmer...

I did a lot of young adult reading in my young adult days, and I do not recommend these books for young readers. They're a bad example and shouldn't be advertised for teen girls in particular. Read Harry Potter instead!


  1. Amen. Unreasonable expectations. Guys are human...not handsome vampires. And you're right, they can't read our minds (sadly). Hints are good!

  2. Does this mean I have to go see Twilight 7: Breaking Wind by myself?

    I guess I will also stop watching you sleep...