15 November 2011

To Zooey

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Dear Zooey Deschanel,

I'm really sorry to hear about you and your husband splitting up. You are different than the other actresses out there, and I had high hopes for your marriage. You guys have both been busy with your work lives, so you probably didn't get to see each other very much. That stinks, but long distance relationships can work. I'm a little disappointed that you guys only gave it two years. You were the power couple of the century in my book! You- my fashion role model, excellent actress and all-around fun gal. Him- lead singer of one of my most favorite bands and all-around nice guy. I guess it probably isn't a good idea to get married just because one fan thinks you are a power couple. One can only wish. I wish you guys the best and hope that you just need to be apart for a little while.


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