23 December 2011

Confession #47

At Em's Bridal Shower- not sure where Amber was; July 2011
Thank goodness my sister is a social butterfly, because for the life of me I am not very good at making friends. I'm kind of shy and quite often don't even think to talk to other students in my classes! Working on it. She found the best group of ladies at our church in Austin. As with most of Em's friends, I become friends with them and end up getting multiple older sisters- imagine having 5 older sisters! The wisdom and experience! Be still, my heart! Our Austin friends came at just the right time. I have learned so much from them. Now with the wedding planning and such, they get to dish all of their wedding knowledge on me. With their help, I'll have a disaster-proof wedding. It will probably have a few hiccups, but maybe won't be a complete disaster?

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