16 December 2011


November 2011
The first day after classes are over is a "dead day" at school, so there are no classes and no finals on such days. I loooove these days. I have enough time to put off studying for those last few finals, but not enough time to go anywhere (home, Em and Russ'). This past semester, I was basically at school from 8am to 5pm. Being a really big homebody, this was hard on my loner-ness and resulted in dirty floors. On the dead days I enjoy reveling in my home time. I do everything I missed during the semester. ALL OF THE THINGS!!!

Get 12 hours of sleep.
Eat large amounts of cereal.
Make list of house cleaning items that need to be done.
Look at Pinterest for a little bit.
Examine wedding invitation options.
Load and start dishwasher.
Bag up recycling.
Clean out backpack and notebooks.
Wash dirty velcro shoes.
Go to Target for bathroom cleaner.
the kind that starts out blue, so you feeling like you're graffiti-ing
Call sister.
Clean out fridge.
Take trash and recycling out.
Make an idea board for wedding.
Tame eyebrows.
Weigh the pros and cons of shaving.
Deep clean kitchen.
Load dishwasher again.
Deep clean bathroom.
Evacuate that end of the apartment because of fumes.
Check for grades that could have been posted.
Email Josh.
Watch Ghost Whisperer.
Download "My Moon Man" by Fiest on iTunes.
Read from the archives of Nat the Fat Rat.
Put pictures for people in the mail.

You know, THINGS.

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  1. That's a pretty good list, makes me wish we got dead days from work ;)