12 December 2011

Emails From Classmates

Hill's Cafe; March 2011
As far as I know, these kids are going to the same school that I am. There is this terrible button on TRACS, Texas State's Blackboard system that allows students to email ALL of the students in a particular class. Some of them confuse me with the lack of grammar knowledge and some of them sound like they only went to class on the first day of school. And some of them seem impervious to the fact that if you missed a class, you missed a class. You weren't there, so you should go to the next class meeting and ask your neighbor what you missed. You should not send out a mass email asking for notes the day before an exam. That is annoying, and I am not going to respond to that. I will post your message in a public forum, such as my personal blog. I am the school email Grinch. Honest to blog these are all student emails:

Hey everyone,
Me and another classmate are getting together tonight at 8 in the library to study for the final exam. If anyone wants to join we would really like it. We will probably be on the 4th floor! Please join so we can do some group studying and be well prepared  for the exam Thursday!
Thanks and Hope to see yall this evening,

Do we have class today?  I thought it was it was a dead day but the syllabus shows blog awards today.

Hey everyone,
I missed class the day we lectured over Abstract Expressionism and I'm hoping someone would be kind enough to send me their notes. I know everyone is busy studying for finals, but this would really help me out, and of course I will be happy to send out any notes in return. Good luck with your tests and enjoy the rest of the year!
Thank You So Much!
Andrew Smith

hey guys I know that it is late but I am still pretty confused about how we are supposed to put together our 10 sketches to make it into the final.. if anyone can explain it better please let me know! I missed class on tuesday because I had a doc appmt :[ anything will help!!

Do we have class tomorrow???

I know its really late to be asking students for notes, but I missed a few classes due to being sick. I'm sooo behind and I have 3 other finals tomorrow besides this one!!! Can someone please email me the notes for (The Social Landscape), (Color Photography), and (Photography, Intimacy and the fashion world)??? Or if anyone has notes on 1 or the 3 I would greatly appreciate??? I'm gonna be at the Library all night if I need to meet up with anyone, I'm even willing to pay cash if I must??? PLEASE! HELP!!! Thanks!

I know its late but I was wondering if anyone had their ch.16 and ch.17 notes on the computer that is easy to send? im reviewing my note cards and I was sick during this day and want to make sure I didnt miss anything to major. If anyone could send me those notes I would be greatly apreciated. I have all the other notes in depth if you need any other chapters. 

Howdy classmates,
I'll be eternally grateful to anyone who can send me the notes from 10/18 (Photojournalism and the Decisive Moment)! I'll even bake you cookies or cupcakes if you're into that kind of thing :D

Can someone tell me how we determine the difference between early and high classical art?

Anyone that has finished the review for the final exam, I am willing to buy it from you for $20.

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  1. may b your to cuthroat - you're missing out on cash, cookies, and cupcakes!