21 December 2011

The Fairest Sweaters in all the Land

My family has moved several times, but the biggest culture shock was the move from South Louisiana to East Texas. Emily and I had our formative years in the deep south, surrounded by bald cypress trees, plantation houses, red beans and rice, spanish moss, and plenty of Mardi Gras school holidays. I enjoyed it. Andy, you missed out!

I always liked East Texas when we visited Granny and Grandad over the summer and for holidays, but when we moved here, I may have been more excited about my imagined wardrobe change. I was going to become a cowgirl and wear boots to school. And button up shirts. During my Louisiana school years, we wore uniforms and my new Texas high school did not require uniforms. It was going to be awesome and I was going to ride horses all the time. That's what you do in Texas?

Maybe not. I showed up for my first day of high school and everyone was wearing the boots, the shirts, the cowboy/girl outfit. I have long been a fan of being myself, because that's what I'm comfortable with, so I continued on with my usual wardrobe. That paid off in the end, because I was featured in my senior year yearbook in the fashion section.

When Em and I moved to Austin, I was really excited to really be fashionable, since we were in a big city and people wear fashionable clothes in big cities. What I didn't know what how flippin' hot Austin is from about April until October. The same for San Marcos.

Now, I'm excited about my New Mexico wardrobe. IT SNOWS THERE. Did you know that? Also, did you know I've never seen snow before? I have started the gathering of the clothes and it is fun, because I forecast needing a lot of sweaters. My imagined NM outfit consists of long sweaters with skinny sleeves, skinny jeans, boots, and long sleeved shirts.

But what I really wanted to tell you is that the Old Navy has a lot of sweaters this winter that are thick and nice. And I like them. And cannot wear them in Texas.

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