02 December 2011

That Proposal Story

During the Thanksgiving holiday, I went home as usual and was planning on just spending it with Mom, Dad and my brother's family. Josh said he would be driving home to Arizona Tuesday night after work. LIE #1 He totally had me going. On Wednesday, I texted him to see what he was up to, and he said, "outside playing with the animals." LIE #2 KIND OF I thought this meant Ruger, Wyatt and the birds who live at his parents' house. In reality, he was playing with Lewis, his sister and brother-in-law's pup. They live in Dallas, so Josh flew there on Tuesday night and spent Wednesday with them.

On Thanksgiving Day, I got up earlier than I usually do to help Dad in the pasture for the annual family trap shoot the day after Thanksgiving. Mom insisted that he really needed my help testing where the clay pigeon shooter was shooting. LIE #3 Dad knows very well where those shooters shoot. So, I got up, took my time getting ready, ate breakfast, read my blogs. You know, morning things. While I was eating my yogurt, Mom was being really weird now that I think about it. At one point, Dad came up to the house to see where I was and Mom totally did her panicky Mom thing. "ARE YOU ALMOST DONE WITH YOUR YOGURT?!!!"

After I finished my precious yogurt, I mosied out to the pasture to help Dad. He started rambling about needing markers to mark off where the kids shouldn't go. I was throwing out ideas for marking left and right, but Dad said, "Hey! Let's use some wooden stakes that the land surveyors left out here. I think there are some around the corner there, can you go get them?" LIE #4 I was hustling over to get those wooden stakes and I hear, "Hey!" coming from this patch of grass/trees in the middle of the pasture.

It was Josh! After a minute of saying "Hey! You can come to Thanksgiving Lunch!" I noticed the camera. So, right there in my favorite pasture, I got proposed to and said yes. TRUTH #1 I was completely surprised and would not have wanted it any other way.

Also, it reminded me of one of the last scenes in Pride and Prejudice (the Keira version; a favorite) where she goes for a walk early in the morning in her favorite pasture and Mr. Darcy comes out of the morning fog and it is very romantic, but his hand are cold. Only, I was not in a sweet long coat and it was cloudy and foggy, not foggy with the sun rising for that sweeping moment Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy have.

The end.
Psyche! Now I get to plan a wedding...

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