17 January 2012


Mom's table by Mom; December 2008
2,298 miles traveled
2 chocolate and 1 yellow labs played with
2 great future in-laws visited
1 impromptu dance performance with Josh
1- 1000 piece puzzle put together
6 games of 7 Wonders played
2 guns shot
2 future sister-in-laws and bro-in-laws visited
1 cat snuggled
5 of Josh's relatives met
1 new year rung in
4 different beds slept in
2 states visited
2 flights flown
1 venue, photographer, caterer and florist booked
20 lbs. of cookies eaten
1 first sledding experience

What a great winter break!
1 more spring semester of school to go! 
Let's do it!

1 comment:

  1. I love helping you populate these lists. I think my favourite was all of it. Also, you may have underestimated a bit on the cookie poundage.
    Many more lists to come!

    Read about a study that says people start to feel a mental connection when they move in sync (like dancing with a partner). I think it's the opposite with us: we have a mental connection (condition?) that leads to spontaneous dancing at the same time (not necessarily in sync).