16 January 2012

At Home

How do I even talk about this book?

I love it and I'm not even done with it?

Em was reading this book and, knowing that I love Mary Roach's books/style of writing, let me borrow it. She wasn't even done with it! As the title says, it's is a Short History of Private Life. I enjoy reading nonfiction about why things are the way they are and where they came from. I also love all things "home." This guy, Bill Bryson, is a fantastic writer. The book is like listening to him talk, and I really enjoy that kind of writing. It's also awesome, because he's funny.

My favorite thing I've learned so far is the history behind the term "Room and Board" used by many B&Bs. The room part is the room you are renting, of course, but what is the board part referring to? Well, in the medieval times, furniture was not a big deal in what is now England, so tables were scarce. So, when meal times would come around, they would pop a squat and eat off of a board. (I knew the medieval times were really dirty, but he includes a lot of information about that period that was really gross/interesting.) The term "Room and Board" means "Room and Meals." Isn't that cool/useless knowledge?!

Read it. If you want.

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