26 January 2012

Confession #48

Good sammich; March 2009
My brain likes to work out its fears on my dreams. I don't know if "weird" is a good enough word for them. Mine are weird, but Mom and Emily really take the cake for bizarre dreams. Ask Emily about giving birth to puppies and putting contacts the size of dinner plates in! With all of this wedding/growing up nonsense going on, my brain has been on high for crazy dreams.

The first one I had appeared to be on the actual day of the wedding. Everyone was all dressed up and ready to go, but we couldn't find Dad. Someone decided that we needed to stay on schedule and that Dad would magically show up to walk me down. He showed up about 20 minutes after he was supposed to, but he had a suede fringe vest, jeans and a white t-shirt on. Not cool Dad! We decided to start the ceremony over. And with the fringe vest.

This one was even better. Everyone knows that some ladies have moustaches. If I don't watch it, mine can make an appearance and it makes me very self-conscious. In my dream, I was walking through a hallway in Mom and Dad's house and there was a new picture on the wall. It was an engagement-y type of picture of Josh and me. Sounds cute, right? WRONG. Josh looked fine, but I had a fine coat of facial hair all over my face. All over. Like a werewolf. Don't worry, I'll be on top of things when we actually take pictures.

And also, I guess one of my earplugs fell out one morning and the birds outside were particularly chirpy, but I woke up thinking they were in my apartment. They were really loud.

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