05 January 2012

Ladies Who Lunch

Granny and Grandad; November 2011
SCENE: Julie in her Mom's kitchen during winter break talking to Granny, who has had bad fall, on the phone. 

Julie: Hi Granny!
Granny: Well, they say I'll live.
Julie: *giggles* Of course you will!
Granny: They also said I can't climb on things anymore.
Julie: You have been known to paint your own house...
Granny: *giggles*
Julie: How are your pineapple plants doing?
Granny: I think they're okay; Grandad watered them the other day.
Julie: Do I need to water them later this week?
Granny: That would be nice. How long are you here for?
Julie: Until the Monday after Christmas, then I'm going to Arizona.
Granny: *in a silly voice* Oh, why are you going there?!
Julie: Granny! That's where Josh is!
Granny: *giggles*
Julie: I'll come water your pineapples on Friday. And roll your hair.
Granny: Ok, bye!


Granny hits the main points and then hangs up. I like it.

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